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A solution for building interactive and customized 3D experiences for all kinds of users and devices.

What’s a metaverse?

“An interactive world that serves for any need.” 

Metaverses are virtual places made for users to interact with the environment and/or other users. The world itselft has no boundaries over what can be done, from social events to in-app transactions. The metaverse it's just an alternative to other applications that is meant to solve a need.

In other words, it’s a space where you can move around and discover a unique place while doing what the metaverse was intended for.  

Virtual Reality (VR) and cryptocurrency isn't necessarily a part of metaverses. Any technology can be included, in one way or another, in a virtual world, taking into account the users that the metaverse is designed for.

Why loid?

Loid is a solution that creates friendly and easy-to-use metaverses over the web designed to be used by any user and from any device.

Among other things, Loid is:
  1. Responsive (works on desktop and mobile users)
  2. Web (no need to download anything, it's just a link!)
  3. Easy-to-use (user-friendly movement mechanics and interactions)
  4. Multiuser (can have many users connected together)
  5. Performant (can run on low-end devices not intended for gaming or anything like that)

Easy to interact

Web for everyone

Loid is accessible with just a link, user friendly and runs over the web on any device.

Just a link

Entering a metaverse built with loid is as simple as any web out there. Just enter the link and you are ready to navigate the entire world. 

Each metaverse is up to decide wether authentication is needed or not, Loid encourages the freedom to make every experience as simple as possible.

Because it's web, nothings stops you to integrate other websites into your metaverse. You could enter other traditional sites without leaving the world, or hop into other metaverses with just a click of a button or through portals!

User friendly

Navigating with Loid it's simple, just point and drag the mouse or touch the screen whetever you want to go. No need to understand basic gaming movement with the keyboard nor use in-screen controls.

But any metaverse can have its own custom features that may require new inputs, buttons or UI that can be built to upgrade the experience to be truly unique.


Every metaverse is by default designed to share the experience with others. You can share the link to a friend and be in the same virtual world in seconds.

Loid allows for many ways of interaction depending on the specific need: public chat, private chat and video chat. But any metaverse is free to explore new ways of communication.

Runs on the web

Loid relies on web technologies such as WebGL, making it super performant on most devices over the browser. 

And to achieve faster loading times, all the assets are curated to reduce its size and mantain the look. 

Build your world

Hands on it

Customize the experience of your site, place your content and make your brand stand out

Brand & Content

The metaverse has to feel yours. Therefore your brand has to pop out over most things in there. From traditional signs to entire cities built upon your colors and identity, there are no limits on what you do with your brand.

Place videos, images, 3D objects, texts, files or links for users to interact and learn. Exploring a world it's more likely for users to actively catch all the things you have to tell them about your brand.


If you are looking a more standard scenario that has been already done, then it's up to customize it with your brand and content and fill every space with all things that you have in mind, and then it's ready to go.

Realistic scenes

The cartoony look it's just a way to make it friendlier to the eye, but Loid can offer more realistic scenes as well with little or no performance drop. Taking good care of the assets, Loid can achieve great scenes without sacrificing the advantages of a simpler style.

Interactive Presentations

What's loid good for?

Place videos, images or a live presentation to engage with users in a more interactive way.

Bring new topics

Introduce topics in a fun and interactive manner, take advantage of the metaverse and bring the attention from users to learn whatever you have in mind.

Place videos, images and texts in the world, users will be more engaged in an active look for information than scrolling through a traditional website.

Live presentations

Stream your presentation through the metaverse and gather as many users as you want. Everyone will see it live, being virtually there with a custom avatar interacting with other users and sharing thoughts.

You can interact with the users live and have information to backup your presentation all around the place.

Social Events

What's loid good for?

Have people interacting with each other in your world and stream live content.


Stream your event through the metaverse and gather as many users as you want. Everyone will see it live, being virtually there with a custom avatar interacting with other users and sharing thoughts.

You can interact with the users live and have other places to visit around the world.

Music events

Music can flow in the air too! Nothing keeps Loid from having live music shows that many users can enjoy together rather than a simple livestream.

Or maybe users can choose what to listen in their own unique experience and explore their taste.

Stores & Galleries

What's loid good for?

Showcase and sell your products in a custom world and make them stand out.

Showcase your product

Let the users get to know your product in a digital store. If it is in 3D or not, you can display all its information in a virtual environment designed to fit your product's identity. 

You can expand and have as many products as you want, sell different services and even offer the possibility to purchase inside the digital store.

Display your art

Digital art is also welcome in a digital museum, where you can expand the world to make the art stand out and speak for itself. Include any assets such as images, videos, low-poly and high-poly 3D models, music and other form of creative media.

Education & Training

What's loid good for?

Create interactive experiences for learning while playing with other users simultaneously.

Play & Learn

Have users playing and competing against each other is a great way of retaining focus while learning and memorizing new content.

Think of trivias, memotests, puzzles, all around different mechanics and filled with engagement for multiple users playing at the same time. Let the users interact with each other while trying to solve a question or test being in opposite sides or teams.

Because of Loid's accessibility, the experience is meant to be easy to access and use for everyone in any level of education like kids, adults or people with reduced mobility.


Some things aren't easy to learn from a plain text or document. Have users interact with the topic in a more immersive way of understanding, playing individually or in teams, simultaneously or not. Meassure their performance and point out the weak points and strenghts.

Games for your brand

What's loid good for?

Boost your brand with games and make your own world more fun to engage with users.

Boost your brand

Playing is fun, but more fun is winning. 

Offer the users a price, something shinny that makes them want to keep trying to best their score. That way you can develop your branding strategy throughout the entire game and players will adapt around it. Make the key points you want to highlight about your brand something relevant to beat the game. Turn your identity into something even more impactful.

A public ranking or leaderboard is a great way of making visible the time investment of some users that can get other users more into it. If it is a solid advertisement campaign or an inside tournament, it can make your brand stand out.

The game can be everything you want, multiplayer cooperative or player vs player in a friendly match-up. Loid offers the versatility to turn your idea into reality over the solid foundation of web technology and friendly user experience.

Simple but effective

If you're just looking to spice up a little bit your metaverse and engage more with the users outside your more traditional content, maybe a simple game is effective to draw users attention into it and build upon your brand and the overall experience.

If you're having a liveshow, having a simple game about running around collecting points will make the world even more alive. Or if you are in a gallery a quiet game of collecting hidden object around the scene will make them more excited to explore the entire place.

Tiny mechanics are often the best to integrate all things and make the world more fun!

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